mercredi 7 septembre 2011

Why every android developper should use ACRA ?

ACRA , Application Crash Report for Android, is very usefull tool that any android dev should use.

In fact it's very hard for an indie developper to check and test his code on every existing device types (almost 1000), the only way to have some crash feebacks (apart from the nice user that take time to post it ;) ) is to integrate a tool in your app that reports those errors when they occur.

Here's an extract of ACRA doc presenting the features :

I've integrated ACRA on my last game , Android jumper, and it gives some very usefull informations like stacktrace, last and initial configurations, device setup ...

I've found several bugs using it, like the issue occurring only on Android 1.5 (sad crash at the launch), and reproduced using the android emulator.

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